Fresh Mussels in Mossel Bay

August 27, 2020

Humans have harvested Mussels for food for thousands of years.

Each mussel can filter 2-3 Lts of seawater per hour and a bio-indicator of a healthy eco system, along with the black oystercatcher birds who feast on them!
Plenty to be seen in the intertidal pools in Mossel Bay.

To steam mussels

1. Buy or harvest fresh mussels locally.

2.Drop 20 mussels into pot and break a handful of parsley and/or some garlic with a large knob of butter.

3.Pour a glass of white wine, stir well, replace lid and steam over medium heat for a few minutes.

4. Take a peek now and then. As soon as mussels open remove the pot from the heat.

5. Discard any that that not opened.

6. Retain the juice at the bottom and add it to a sauce of your choice or serve just as they are.

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